A Rehashed Genesis of R.A.One (2011 Indian science fiction superhero film)

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Writers :Anubhav Sinha, Kanika Dhillon,Mushtaq Sheikh & David Benullo

Movies : Ra.One (2011). The Pursuit of Happyness (2006). The Matrix (1999).The Terminator (1984).The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).

It is the year 1991 in Boston. An absent-minded professor of Computer science Shekhar Subramanium is a talented computer scientist and computer graphics designer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He invests his entire life savings developing computer games to compete against increasingly popular offerings from other perceived competitors. He is exploring the creation of a multi-definition design that stimulate the senses of the audience—vision, sound, balance, smell, even touch (via wind)–and so thus drawing the viewer into the onscreen activity of the game. He demonstrated his idea to Computer companies. He was not able to impress most of the companies, and his growing financial demands upset his wife Sonia, who works as a hotel maid. The lack of a stable financial state increasingly troubled their life, despite of this they stayed united caring for their five-year-old son, Prateek.


It’s been a long while since Shekhar is designing this new immersive, multi-sensory technology game set in 2099 where the antagonist will be more powerful than the protagonist. His focus on the game often leads him to ignore & forget his surroundings. He names his game RA.One. (Random Access One). He models his face for the game’s protagonist G.One (in Hindi Jeevan), while the shape-shifting antagonist RA.One (in Hindi Ravan) is made faceless. R.A.One is an efficient at killing assassin machine programmed to kill; G.One, a resistance ranger machine programmed to protect. The Game contains three levels, the final level being the only one in which R.A.One can be killed. The virtual world of R.A.One has off-line, real world components and applications. It is designed to re-connect logged in players to the real-world via virtual means. Users can halt at a level in the game online and resume off-line continuing the already loaded game and thus sharing the experience.


Shekhar scripts his game programme in three levels. The game is set in a fantasy world of an artificial intelligence network called Cloud. Humans waged a war against intelligent machines they had created. When humans blocked the machines’ access to solar energy, the machines instead began to gather the humans’ bioelectricity as a substitute power source. In level one the game introduces R.A.One, Its initiating an attack on the resistance leader Lucifer and the survivors of Cloud. In level two the game further introduces G.One. G.One will protect Lucifer & rally the survivors of the resistance movement against R.A.One & its army of assassins of the Cloud. In Level three when the Resistance has survived two levels & will be on the verge of victory, R.A.One will travel back in time to level two (minutes before G.One is introduced) to kill Lucifer, as a last-ditch effort to avert the formation of the Resistance.

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While Shekhar run the final tests, he notices unusual glitches in one of the off-line component but chooses to ignore them for the while. He logs in under the ID Lucifer and proceeds to the second level, but is interrupted by an unidentified error. Unknown to Shekhar, while fixing the error he accidentally causes the mainframe to malfunction and a pathway programme gets fed into the software. This programme gains a wireless technology via which R.A.One can exit the network & enter the real world. Ra.One, unable to end his turn with Lucifer and angry that he has proceeded so far, becomes determined that Lucifer (Shekhar) should be killed before it is too late to avert the formation of the Resistance. R.A.One returns to level two & uses the wireless technology to enter the real world.


Unaware of this and detecting this discovery he follows some blackboard scribbling in which he reverses a sign in the equation. Shekhar records an audio message to explain the possibility of this discovery while driving home. Meanwhile, Ra.One kills a gang member, a gun-shop manager, and two other people named “Lucifer” listed in the internet telephone directory. It eventually tracks its target to a petrol pump forecourt. After purchasing his snacks, Shekhar is on his way back to the car when an Audi gets exploded near the petrol pump. Shekhar is astonished to see R.A.One. Shekhar tries to escape and fearing for his life rush home. Unfortunately Shekhar is again attacked by R.A.One, leading to a car chase. R.A.One eventually crash Shekhar’s Car into a wall. Shekhar dies in his Car.
Sonia is devastated after Shekhar’s death which everybody believed to be an accident. No further traces of R.A.One were found after that.


10 Years later, a young Pratik is attending Midtown Science High School. Sonia is a single mother now working as a senior administrator staff in a hotel. While at their home & Sonia is away at work, Pratik discover Shekhar’s study that had been corrupted and is in a mess. Gathering up all the hidden documents, he re-assemble the game R.A.One however the game does not respond, he assumes the files were damaged in Shekhar’s car crash. Pratik finds through his father’s papers that Shekhar associated with fellow computer programmer Akashi at Vermont-based Metacortex Corporation.

RaOne Character concept for animation_04

Akashi is still a game designer who works for Mr Barron at Metacortex corporation, he has been delivering a number of commercial failures; an irate Mr.Barron gives him his last chance to develop a successful game. During a system maintenance meeting, Akashi receives a phone call from Pratik, revealing himself as the son of late Shekhar Subramanium.
They meet in a park. Akashi explains Pratik that Shekhar was unable to obtain financial backing for his visions and patents, and so the R.A.One work was halted. Today, it remains primarily a curiosity in the history of Virtual Reality. To impress Mr.Barron, and upon the request of Pratik, Akashi decides to use Shekhar’s idea, fix the glitches and release the game R.A.One. His colleague, computer programmer Jenny retains Shekhar’s face as the model for that of G.One while the shape-shifting Ra.One remains faceless. Akashi implements the character movements.


Akashi & Pratik revisit the blackboard scribbling in which Shekhar reversed a sign in the equation. Based on it Akashi conceptualize the only way to kill R.A.One. He creates for each R.A.One & G.One to possess an electromagnet attached into their chests to keep the attacks that wound them from reaching their heart and killing them. This electromagnet called H.A.R.T (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter) also when attached into their chests makes them powerful. The importance of H.A.R.T is explained. R.A.One will travel back to level two (minutes before G.One is introduced) to kill Lucifer. If G.One is able to survive this level and enter the final level three, then G.One will gain the Bullet Hell; a gun with one bullet. R.A.One can only be killed in level three and only by this bullet and only if the H.A.R.T is attached. The H.A.R.T thus is their power and fault alike.

Ra.One once again undergoes final tests without any further glitches but Akashi & Pratik are unaware of Shekhar’s last minute audio message and the wireless technology that is obtainable once level two is completed; connecting both the virtual and the real world. The game is officially launched, it receives a standing ovation from the audience; a hooked Pratik insists on playing it immediately. He logs in under the ID Lucifer and eventually proceeds to the second level. Coincidentally at the end of level two Pratik and Sonya return home.


Hours later Ra.One becomes self-activated. R.A.One destined to kill Lucifer once again uses the wireless technology to enter level two as in the real world. Meanwhile, Pratik visits his father’s work-shop at home & stumble upon his books and files. Pratik gets hold of the audio message which shocks Pratik. He quickly informs Akashi, who partially understands the situation but is not convinced and rushes to Pratik’s home. Ra.One finds Akashi, kills him, and assumes his form and goes to find Lucifer (Pratik).


Sonia, devastated after hearing the truth behind Shekhar’s death, tells Pratik that the family will return to India immediately. A suspicious Pratik notices digital patterns on the fateful road and realises that Ra.One has come to life. He convinces Jenny of the same when they see the destroyed game laboratory. Jenny tries to bring G.One into the real world. Meanwhile, Ra.One in the form of Akashi chases the family on their way to the airport, but G.One enters the real world and causes a gas explosion which temporarily destroys Ra.One. G.One takes Ra.One’s H.A.R.T. and accompanies the family to Mumbai after Sonia realises that she needs him.


Subsequently via interconnected computer networks on the internet that is linked to a private television channel network of Mumbai, Ra.One returns to life. It takes the form of a music producer Aryan, and tracks down G.One to Pratik’s birthday party. During the party it Hypnotizes Sonia and assumes her form to kidnap Pratik. Ra.One then instructs G.One to return it its H.A.R.T. back, & sends the real Sonia in a malfunctioning local train. The train crashes into the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, but G.One saves Sonia in time.

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R.A.One recreates the computer-simulated world of Cloud. Pratik logs in under the ID G.One & returns to level two in the virtual world. Pratik (G.One) fights Ra.One, survive the level and enter the final level three. R.A.One is left with little power. The H.A.R.T is now attached into their chests and makes them powerful. G.One achieves the Bullet Hell, however a furious, R.A.One creates ten copies of itself. While they are unable to identify the real Ra.One, the pair realise that only one of the ten has a shadow: the original R.A.One. G.One shoots and destroys R.A.One, absorbs its remains and disappears along with the simulated world of Cloud.

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Six months later, Pratik and Sonia return to Boston, where Pratik manages to bring G.One the man with his father’s face into the real world.