The Big Hearted Returns


Direction: Rohit Shetty
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan & Kriti Sanon


Plot premise:
Raj is a humble car mechanic who helps the needy. He also keeps away from unnecessary fights and quarrels. His ambition is to bring up his brother, Veer. A flashback shows that Raj was actually once a Don named Kaali in Bulgaria. (Inspiration : Baasha – 1995 &  Old Telugu Movies)


It’s a long date with SRK that occasionally stumble on the edge of boredom, but it certainly isn’t all wrong. Parts of Dilwale, propelled by a spirit of inspired lunacy holds this no-holds-barred action comedy in good town.


If only it had enough substance to sustain its momentum all the way to the very end, it would probably have been far more fun to watch.


If you hang in there and do not allow the many distractions and diversions along the way throw you off road, you might find yourself getting into the swing of things, especially in the first half.


Some of the scenes might seem rather unnecessary and overstretched. Dilwale delivers exactly what you would expect from a Rohit Shetty film: runaway entertainment; that has a crowd-pleaser illuminated all over it.


The director comes up with a movie that has all the tried-and-tested ingredients of the romance genre that runs somewhat low on velocity at times in his brand of filmmaking.


SALT (chemistry): SRK and Kajol.
MANGO (what’s fresh?): Breathtaking locales (Iceland and Bulgaria) & Kriti Sanon.
TREE (strength): Shah Rukh’s mega-stardom & Varun’s enthusiasm.


Brave Heart takes away Bride – 2


Cast: Deepika Padukone & Shah Rukh Khan
Direction: Rohit Shetty

Chennai Express begins with the famous train sequence of DDLJ (1995) and this time it is Deepika who needs the hero’s hand. Chennai Express can also be called the “DDLJ in Rohit Shetty style!” as its storyline has assimilated the best shots from DDLJ.

The story is a riot of hilarious, romantic and action sequences with some interesting drama peppered and pickled in. An extravagant trip with a plot so thin, it could give a paper dosa a run for its money. Chennai Express warms up pretty quickly and delivers exactly what you would expect from a Rohit Shetty film: runaway entertainment. Children are going to love it.

What is most unusual about Chennai Express is that at least half its spoken lines are delivered in Tamil. Yet comprehension is never a problem, thanks to a screenplay that tides over the need to explain every dialogue in chaste Hindi.

Chennai Express is about a Rahul’s journey from Mumbai with the task of taking the ashes of his grandfather to Rameshwaram. Along the way after he gives a hand in DDLJ style to the daughter of a local don. Then begins a saga of running, fighting, running…and again fighting and then finally, in Shah Rukh’s own words, everything gets all right.


SALT (chemistry): The Shah Rukh -Deepika pair’s camaraderie results in funny situations while makes their chemistry more compelling.

MANGO (what’s fresh?): The exotic locations down South. Seriously, cinematographer Dudley with supporting VFX has captured the Southern landscape in its abundance, making nature lovers fall in love with the lower reaches of the Indian subcontinent.

TREE (strength): The facets of Crowd puller Shah Rukh Khan, in his zany act throughout the film & the angry khan towards the end. On the other side, Deepika Padukone deserves a special mention for her Hindi with Tamil accents.