Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)



Best Picture 2013 : Hindi


The film starts in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, where a coach says “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!”, and the story is taken back to the memories of the childhood days of a young boy which haunted him, resulted in him dropping to fourth.


Naina is a shy and nerdy medical student. An encounter with an old classmate, Aditi , makes her realise that she wants more from life than high marks. Naina renews her friendship with another former classmates, Kabir “Bunny” Thapar and Avi. Bunny is a handsome charmer whose dream is to wander and discover the world.


The film opens by showing a large crowd waiting for Rahul Jaykar – a successful musician whose career is waning because of his alcohol addiction – to perform at a stage show in Goa. He meets Aarohi, a bar singer who idolizes Rahul. Impressed by her simplicity and voice, Rahul promises to transform her into a singing sensation, and asks her to never perform again in bars.


Ajay Singh calls a local police station to obtain more manpower for a CBI raid. He speaks to SI Ranveer Singh who agrees to send the required number of support officers. Ajay, along with accomplices P.K Sharma, Joginder, and Iqbal, meet the support officers and conduct the raid.


Ishaan ‘Ish’ Bhatt is an ex district level cricketer who is a victim of politics in the cricketing selection fraternity, Omkar ‘Omi’ Shastri is the nephew of a Hindu politician who funds their business and Govind ‘Govi’ Patel is a geek who is the mastermind behind starting a sports shop which also doubles as a sports academy.


Jagdish ‘Jolly’ Tyagi a Defence lawyer comes to know of the Land Cruiser Hit-and-run case involving Rahul Dewan, son of Billionaire Yograj Dewan, whose defense lawyer is the much respected ‘star’ litigator Tejinder Rajpal. In the aftermath of the court judgment, Jolly, after being inspired by the media backlash, takes a leaf out of Advocate Mahesh Gupta’s book and files a PIL in the court regarding the case.


Kundan Shankar is the son of an Hindu Tamil priest. Since his childhood days, Kundan has had a strong and obsessive one-sided love for Zoya Haider, a Muslim girl residing in Varanasi whose father is a professor. He always attempts to be around her and hold her hand but gets slapped several times in the process.


In The Lunchbox the protagonists are a man who has been grieving since his wife died and a woman who wants to seek her husband’s attention to rekindle their love and hopes to cook her way through her husband’s heart. But by a rare mistake of the very famous ‘dabbawalas’ of Mumbai city, the dabba with the delicious food she had prepared for her husband instead gets delivered to Mr. Fernandez.


The film, set in India and Sri Lanka, is a political spy thriller with the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war. Major Vikram Singh is an Indian Army special officer who is appointed by the intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing to head covert operations in Jaffna shortly after Indian peace-keeping force was forced to withdraw.

Blockbuster Movies – 2012



With a script that never forgets its heroes’ humanity and no shortage of super powered set pieces, Lives up to its hype—and raises the bar for Marvel at the movies.


A superhero film without a superhero. More than an exceptional superhero movie, it is masterful filmmaking by any standard.


There’s everything and more that you’d want to see in a film, the director, has a firm grip on the story and the screen play, without compromising on the entertainment value of the film at all.


A comic-book fantasy rendered in the form of a live-action film. Go for it if you must, but don’t expect the earth from it.


Aashique Abu presents a refreshing theme with superb execution.


Lal Jose puts his might behind the change sweeping Malayalam Cinema of late and has come out with a Diamond that is not to be missed.


An action thriller that depends on mind games and smart plans rather than bloody fights.


Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots staged and presented by Shankar in a different language with grandeur.