About Me

Salaam Namaste to all out there…

Me myself “Riyaz Basheer” a.k.a riu, married to Anila (Anu); Daddy to baby Safwan. We live in Dubai with my parents and siblings.

Throughout my wonder years.. Me, my brothers & cousins would time and again blend out stories into a drama, we did even organize awards for the bests.. Until one fine day we grew up.

I understood somewhere down the line, my fascination wandered to see just how a story or a certain movie would turn out.

Fast forward to last few years, People who knew me for a while; expressed movies is where I, should be; if not onscreen; at least to share my perception.

I am thrilled about a particular movie be it English, Hindi, Tamil Or my very own Malayalam, even before it hits the screen, right from the announcement of the project; there is this eager little child in me crazy, waiting for that first day first show.

Thus it hit me of a page.. A blog to express my liking on movies, movie makers,  irrespective of the language.“thesaltmangotree”. The name was close to me for some time,  Cinema as such is spicy, sweet & sometimes just there.. so true to life. Thus the name.

Thank you to one and all who hit the key to this blog, THE SALT MANGO TREE.

Devoted to reviews, trivia, and more on films.


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